AerosourceH is a pioneer in aeroponic grow systems, feminized hemp seed production, and cannabinoid products for further processing.

We bring innovative systems and products to the cannabinoid production marketplace in order to provide our customers with the highest integrity products that will yield them the best results in their growing and processing operations.

We seek to build long term partnerships with our customers based on trust, respect, and mutual success.


A non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant, CBD has multiple applications in a wide variety of products.  Learn more about our CBD products here.


Our grow chambers feature a true aeroponic environment that uses less water,  fewer nutrients, with a faster grow cycle, so you can yield more crop and spend less on inputs.

Feminized Hemp Seed

Grown indoor in a controlled environment, our feminized hemp seed is available in multiple varieties, including our high CBG strain, G Thing.

Tolling Services

From field to finished, we can process your ground flower biomass into crude oil, distillate, isolate, or even a custom private label formulation.



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