Proving compliance is something that we have no problem doing here at AerosourceH. We believe that you deserve to know the products you buy have been manufactured at a food-grade facility approved by the Kentucky State Department of Public Health. Our products have also been tested inside a certified Laboratory.

We feel so confident about our cGMP certified manufacturing and quality management systems that we even invite buyers to explore our facility and see first-hand how we churn out the best products. From seed-to-sale, every aspect of hemp CBD production is tracked, including the origins of our USA-grown genetic hemp strains, to the independent testing by third parties.

What is the importance of being cGMP certified?

cGMP is a crucial concept for businesses that manufacture anything. It stands for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices.” Just as the name suggests, this type of licensing provides confirmation that a product has met the procedural standard for packaging, transportation and storage.

Hemp cultivation aside, cGMP is also relevant to cannabis cultivation, as well as manufactured foods and medicines. With time, cGMP will emerge as the industry standard for hemp quality assurance.

Legal Requirements

Wherever hemp or cannabis is produced, quality assurance is essential. This type of certification demonstrates that the hemp grown to produce AerosourceH CBD products is handled with the utmost care. Consumer safety is the primary goal and when you see the cGMP licensing stamp, you will know that a high standard of quality has gone into manufacturing the CBD you purchase from a cGMP-certified supplier like AerosourceH. 

When the cGMP seal of approval is there, the hygienic standard of CBD and the equipment used to produce it is guaranteed. In fact, it is tricky for a cultivation business to sustain a business without this type of certification; it is a necessity as required by the pharmaceutical industry. All the essential conditions will have been met if a product is cGMP-approved.

AerosourceH Owners Maintain and Surpass Compliance Requirements

The men behind AerosourceH – Nathaniel Pape, Scott Weeks and Julian Lewis – have poured their passion for hemp into the establishment of what is now a highly successful B2B (business to business) company. Their devotion to the plant, local cultivators and the surrounding communities has allowed them to position themselves as leaders in compliance for the hemp CBD market.

AerosourceH is devoted to integrating vertical farming systems into our hemp production practices. Compliance issues are met by our full-time chemist, Dr. William Peters. His commitment to ensuring product purity and efficacy means that consumer safety is guaranteed.

Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Nathaniel Pape, provides an unparalleled level of oversight for our testing laboratory. With 10 years of experience under his belt, nothing that passes under his nose does so without passing compliance checks. He takes on the role of daily compliance engineer inside the laboratory where all of AerosourceH CBD products are tested.

Another member of staff who makes a difference in setting the bar for CBD compliance is Dr. Deborah Pape. She is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and her incorporation of tried-and-tested quality systems makes AerosourceH the number one source for hemp CBD brands that are seeking out top providers of the best quality extracts. 

USA-Grown Hemp Used by AerosourceH is Compliant with Regulations

With the passage of the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018, hemp cultivation and production was legalized. This opened up a window of opportunity for farmers, who began capitalizing on the “Green Rush”. 

Legalization of hemp farming and production – combined with increasing demand for hemp-derived CBD products – has spurred on farmers across the U.S. to practice their best farming efforts.

Not too long after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA delivered a notice to hemp-derived CBD suppliers; only CBD and other cannabinoids derived from hemp grown in the U.S. is legal. With that being said, you ought to instil your trust in a supplier like AerosourceH that has obtained the necessary compliance checks and certifications to fortify consumer safety.

Here at AerosourceH, the hemp we use to produce nano-emulsified, water-soluble CBD, crude oil extract, nano emulsified distillate and 99%+ pure CBD Isolate is sourced from USA-grown hemp that is verified and independently tested before it enters our manufacturing facility.

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