Feminized Hemp Seed

Our Feminized Hemp Seed is created in a sealed, food grade certified laboratory using the most advanced growing and monitoring systems, which creates a reliable seed every time. Our sealed laboratory growing system ensures that the plants are not cross-pollinated and that they are exclusively exposed to feminized pollen. This guarantees that 99.99% of the offspring will be female, which produces the highest possible level of oils for growers.

When seed is created outdoors, it’s susceptible to whatever pollen is in the wind. This can create cross-pollination, which may lead to unwanted CBD/THC levels and seed strains. When you use seeds from AerosourceH, you know exactly what kind of seed you’re getting because our scientists have an eye on every step of the creation process.

To create our Feminized Hemp Seed, we use an aeroponic growing system, which is the most environmentally friendly, worker friendly and cleanest system of production. We use the highest quality lighting for growing, which is a 98%+ match for the spectrum of sunlight. Our aeroponic growing system allows us the ability to minimize variables and keep all conditions optimal at all times.

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