The entire AersourceH team is committed to the CBD industry and ensuring that the product produced in the AerosourceH laboratory is industry-leading in process, purity, and quality.

AerosourceH is committed to quality from seed to sale. 100% of our hemp is sourced from US licensed hemp growers that share this commitment. Each grower’s documentation and processes are reviewed and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is inspected by our quality team before they are approved for sale.

Once the hemp arrives at our state of the art facility, it is immediately inspected and tagged and entered into our proprietary AerosourceH traceability system (ATS). This system is used to trace the product all the way through the extraction process until the final product is shipped to the customer.

Hemp lots are kept physically separated from each other. Samples are pulled from each lot and sent to an independent lab to obtain a COA which checks for any CBD, THC, heavy metals, chemicals, or trace amounts of biological matter.  No hemp enters the AerosourceH processing system until the documentation meets our stringent biomass specifications.

Once processing begins in the AerosourceH laboratory, every process step is documented and logged into the quality control database in real-time. This allows us to track all raw materials used, processing times and temperatures as the work in process (WIP) moves from extraction through the system. Each step of the proprietary extraction process has a detailed, documented procedure that operators follow to ensure standardization of the final product.

Once a product has completed the process, there is a detailed protocol for quality inspection. Each batch is individually inspected for color and consistency and samples from each lot are pulled and sent to an independent external lab for testing.  A full panel test is done for each batch that analyzes the product for all cannabinoids, heavy metals, residual chemicals, and biologicals. The external COA must meet the product specifications or it does not leave our laboratory. Our Quality Manager personally inspects all batches and reviews the COA from the external lab to verify that the product meets all specifications and before signing off that the product is “ready to ship”.

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