The hemp-derived CBD market is flourishing. By 2025, the market for U.S hemp could be worth more than $25 billion. Growing adoption of CBD in various fields of medicine is prompting a need for quality control testing.  

Just like any other pharmaceutical drug, medicinal hemp must undergo stringent testing to ensure it is safe for human consumption and does what it says on the label. Potency and ingredients will be listed on a hemp product’s label, so as to inform the consumer of its contents and suitability for their intended use.

Buying from a reputable supplier like AerosourceH who conducts quality assurance testing means that consumers face no threat to health. While illegal producers will likely skip the testing phase and endanger consumers who buy their unregulated products, AerosourceH carries out due diligence to ensure no residues remain in the finished product and that everything is as it should be. 

You need not worry about exposing your customers to false label claims or contaminants when you buy hemp CBD products from AerosourceH. Our team work hard to ensure that everything marked ready for distribution from our facility meets the highest standards in quality, purity and processing.

Consumers of AerosourceH hemp-derived CBD products can rest assured that nothing makes its way through our processing system until the documentation meets our meticulous biomass specifications.

From the moment hemp is delivered to our revolutionary facility, it is analyzed by a team of inspectors, who then tag it for entry into the proprietary AerosourceH traceability system (ATS); the ATS functions by means of a unique process that traces the product from extraction to shipment. Only after it has been checked by our team of quality analysts will hemp be given the green light for CBD production to commence.

Analyzing Plant Composition with Hemp Quality Control 

To ensure that our consumers receive the best of the best when it comes to hemp-derived CBD, a number of things are analyzed by AerosourceH’s quality control team prior to the product being sold. We conduct quality control testing to determine the product’s chemical composition, e.g. what levels of various chemicals or contaminants it may contain.

Terpenoid Analysis

If you didn’t know already, terpenoids A.K.A “terpenes” are the aromatic compounds produced naturally by the cannabis and hemp plants. It is these unique compounds that are responsible for giving the plant its signature scent and flavor. Moreover, terpenes possess a number of anti-inflammatory effects and can produce a synergistic effect, which is why we test for them.

Cannabinoid Concentration

Since the therapeutic goodness of a cannabinoid is the main thing you’re seeking when you buy hemp-derived CBD from AerosourceH, we simply must test for cannabinoid composition. This doesn’t mean we only conduct testing for Cannabidiol (CBD) but also a range of other cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) Cannabinol (CBN) Cannabigerol (CBG) Cannabichromene (CBC) Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) to make sure there is no unwanted plant synergy going on. By doing so, you can feel safe that you are consuming what is written on the label; nothing more, nothing less.

Pesticides and Herbicides 

Although it might be a special kind of crop, hemp is still a crop, nonetheless. It is imperative that hemp is tested for herbicides and pesticides before it can be deemed safe for human consumption. While herbicides and pesticides can eliminate weeds and pests from damaging the crop, residual contaminants can do more harm than good.

Residual Solvents

It is not uncommon for residual solvents to remain in the hemp plant after it is grown; solvents can simplify the process of hemp CBD product processing. What matters is that they are tested to clarify whether or not they meet the criteria published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Heavy Metals

As plants are grown in soil, there is a possibility that they will draw metals from the Earth. Arsenal, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury are some examples of the heavy metals that must be tested for to determine product safety.

How AerosourceH Conducts Quality Control for Hemp Products 

From seed-to-sale, AerosourceH is devoted to ensuring quality is paramount. We source all of the hemp used to produce our CBD products from U.S.-licensed cultivators. Once received from the grower, a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is reviewed, prior to the hemp being examined and approved for sale by our quality team.

To prevent cross contamination which may pose a danger to human health each lot of hemp is separated. A COA is obtained for individually-separated samples, of which are tested inside an independent laboratory to determine its composition; inclusive of CBD, THC, chemicals, heavy metals, or trace amounts of biological matter. 

Our team documents every step of the process to monitor product contents and raw materials used. Everything is logged in real-time, so nothing falls under the radar. Contained in the quality control database is information pertaining to the temperatures used and the time it takes to process raw plant materials into a finished product that is free from contaminants, residual chemicals and heavy metals.

After undergoing the processing phase, a detailed protocol is followed for quality inspection purposes. Each batch of hemp CBD that passes through Aerosource H’s facility is evaluated individually for its color and consistency. A sample from each processed batch is then whisked off to an external lab for rigorous testing; analysis of the finished product’s cannabinoid content, as well as any potentially hazardous contaminants.

Unless the external COA meets our product specifications, it does not leave the lab. Following a personal inspection from our quality manager and reviewal of the COA from a third-party laboratory, the product is deemed “ready to ship”.


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